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A Bona Fide Hustler in South Korea

Planet Hustle’s Got Seoul in Korea

Pinnacle TheHustler’s interview was particularly exciting for me to tape. It was like sitting down chopping things up with my brother from BS talking about battling in Bones (dominoes) to simply cracking jokes. We linked up before the interview, where he took me to his local barber shop named Gabby’s, so we both could re-up on clean cuts before the night festivities would start.

He is a young educated brother from Cincinnati, Ohio who has made a nice life for himself out here in South Korea and has overcome many stigmas for people of color. Pinnacle TheHustler originally did not have the idea to come to South Korea. It was an idea his college home girl presented to him, and many of their friends after receiving a teaching job.

Unfortunately, most of the friends found ways to discourage or not support a change of scenery from the United States. Luckily Pinn was known for always thinking outside the box and hustling life for what he wanted.

His drive and free-thinking gave him the guts to say, “Let’s go ahead and make these moves.” In 2008 Pinn made that big move most Americans are too afraid to make and began a life in South Korea. 

He ended up staying for three and a half years. During that time, he created his first business called Planet Hustle, which is an entertainment company for DJ’ing, promoting, and hosting parties/events.  Then he decided to take a break and go back to the States for a couple of years, but that Korean warmth was calling him back along with the many opportunities he was afforded there.

His current success though, was not without a big setback and hurdles to jump.  A year and a half ago in Korea, Pinn created another business alongside his entertainment company. It is a Hip-Hop Lounge in Itaewon, Seoul called Hustle right next to the Itaewon arch. It’s a mad chill establishment with great music, drinks, food, games, Hookah, and friendly staff —like his dominoes protégé and lounge manager, Scar.

He also has a down to earth, chill Korean business partner.  The vibe I got from the owners and staff was a feeling of family flowing throughout. After interviewing Pinn, learning his story, and meeting some of his staff and patrons, I felt a big vail of pride in knowing him drape over me and an intense vibe of hope for future business owners of color in South Korea. Hands down Hustle provides a positive vibe for fellowshipping and an enjoyable night out. 

This was only part one of many more interviews to follow on Pinn’s continued road of success. Pinn is consistently walking into his business thinking of ways to expand and help more people. His business partner also informed me they are looking to open up another lounge.

I won’t spill the details on where until its location is officially decided and under construction. Also, to update everyone, Pinn did get that “L” in dominoes as I promised. We played best out of three, with me taking the first and last match.

I will say this though, you better come ready to battle if you want to try and beat Pinn at dominoes. Make sure you play his protégé Scar in dominoes first. And if you cannot defeat her, don’t challenge Pinn.

Pinn is continually working on his brand and mark in South Korea. That being said, follow us on Black Asia Magazine as we follow him on his road to expansion.

I encourage everyone to stop into Hustle to get that same vibe I received and support another Person of Color business owner knocking down stigmas in a foreign country. For more information, I will leave his page link and contacts below. You can reach Pinn on IG: @hustleitaewon, @iampinnacle and website:

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