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A Reliable Company You Can Trust

A Reliable African Shipping Company in China

Trust is a currency unto itself. Finding reliable people, especially in the business world, is as precious as gold. For more than 2 years now, Rice Kajila has been making a name for himself in Wuhan China. He is currently developing a reputation as a reliable businessman, with very novel ideas. Trust is also becoming synonymous with his name. This was his second interview with BlackAsiaMagazine.

For the following reasons, among a myriad of others, I would recommend the services of Rice Kajila to anyone who wishes to conduct business in China.

Reliability is quite a broad umbrella under which falls a number of other, unique traits. In speaking with Rice this time, it is obvious that his business has grown and it is not difficult to see why it has grown.

Rice and his business engender trust in an untrustworthy environment. One of the things we touched on in the interview, is the frustration that goes along with doing business in a market like China. The market is burgeoning, as well as highly nuanced and is always changing.

What OBTC provides for its customers is a representative on the ground who can relate to you from your own cultural perspective, especially if you hail from Central Africa. He helps his clients avoid common scams and stay apprized of the constantly-changing rules and regulations. Above all else, Rice speaks fluent Chinese and he demands that of all of those who work with him.

Here is a message from Rice about his own company:

Our company was born when my business partners (Catherine Yao and Esther Hu) and I decided to create a platform upon which both Chinese nationals and foreign students and expats in the city of Wuhan (PR China) will meet and share business ideas and ultimately creating a community of locals and international entrepreneurs. 

Creating that platform became eventually a solution to for both culture exchange and business coaching development in the city and beyond the borders.

Our entire Team being amateurs at that time, we built strong relationship with experts and submitted ourselves under the guidance of experienced business owners as well as consultants from both China and foreign countries and named our platform “International Business Corner”.  

We organized numerous open classes, some in restaurants, others in book stores, university classrooms, conference halls and online.

Our biggest mission when we set up the international business corner was to awake and develop the entrepreneurship mindset. And that is still our biggest mission till today.

Having organized and joined countless business programs as mentor or learner was an opportunity to tap into the reality of Global young entrepreneurs who are operating within their own fields with innovative ideas in various sectors and different industries from IT to Smart agriculture and branding etc. This experience has paved a way for our company to expend and also to directly share our knowledge and experience with the young entrepreneurs both here in China and beyond Asia in order to keep the entrepreneurship mindset awake and continuously developing in them.

Eng. CEO Rice Ilunga Kajila

Wuhan OBTC Co.,Ltd

The interview went in a couple of other directions. We talked about 2 hot-button issues. Those would be life in Wuhan, China and China and Africa. The name Wuhan was cast into infamy from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will likely be that way forever. The city and its residents have had to adapt drastically to accommodate life in this new world. Rice indicated that some foreigners in that city have fared better than others.

Another important and very relevant topic is the business relationship between China and Africa. Some people would look and the different situations that fall under this umbrella and describe them as neo-colonialism. What Rice is also able to express is that there are a variety of different situations in this boat. Serious African governments with serious and mindful policies will perform to the benefit of their people. Governments that are not as serious might see their own, local people displaced from their own economies.

The groups mentioned by Rice Kajila can be accessed below.

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