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Are We Expats or Immigrants?

Immigrant Communities in Asia Supporting Each Other

Lindsay Walker is a native of New Jersey on the east coast of the US. Living through a pandemic has caused all of us to re-evaluate life. Things that were of the utmost importance to us before, have become trivial. The opposite is also true.

She since moved to Korea and like many people, she saw a need to be filled. With stagnant wages, people were going hungry. Addressing that need has lead her to her calling in life. She moved to South Korea where she now runs a food bank. To become a part of her work, or just to check out what’s going on, visit the center on Facebook.

This interview did yield one very apparent question: Where is the love between foreigners/immigrants out here? Why is it that foreign communities so seldom show each other support. This is very true among people of color. It’s wonderful to see that someone is addressing this gaping hole that exists.

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