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Black Skin Gives You a Privilege.

Is it true that our thoughts determine the steps we take in life? Can we think our way into the worlds where we choose to live? When I met Brittany Edwards, it struck me with awe, that her mind was in such a radiant place. She dwells inside of her thoughts.

These thoughts assemble to form her reality at any given moment. The disposition she holds in her head accounts form many of the experiences that have nourished her up to the present.

Over the course of our interview, Brittany made it plain that she flies by the seat of her pants. She lives in the moment and follows her intuition, where ever that may take her.

She expressed to me the pressure she felt living abroad and feeling like an ambassador for all black people. Being in a different culture, many of us feel the need to represent our entire race. A thought occurred to me: when you attempt to promote a positive image of your group of people, when, if ever is it OK to react negatively?

Brittany is a self-professed psychology junkie. From a psychological standpoint, Brittany impressed upon me her frustration with some aspects of Taiwan life. In Taiwanese culture, many things that are normal, especially in education, actually do not help students learn at all. They have a damaging effect. All teachers have encountered these issues in Taiwan and in Asia at large.

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