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Koreans Are Under 1 Umbrella

The subject of the following interview is Gugu Mpofu. She was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Ontario, Canada. Gugu now lives and works in a small countryside city of South Korea called Mungyeong.

She is an amazing young lady. It’s easy for her to put her all into helping complete strangers.It goes without saying that she would, without hesitation, assist her family and friends in overcoming whatever obstacles life places in their way.

Gugu was raised in a very large house which you could actually call it a compound. There were many helpers and servants in the environment where she comes from. She transitioned from this life of opulence, to a modest life in a snug apartment in Toronto, Canada.

Ask yourself, if you were a child, living through such a situation, how would you go about handling or coping with it?  Watch her interview about her experiences growing up, moving to different countries and ultimately being black in South Korea.

In Gugu’s spare time, she really enjoys sitting in her apartment watching Netflix, and dancing around to Afro-Beats. Gugu also enjoys international travel, coin karaoke, taking lots of pictures during cherry blossom season, going to bars or clubs-again to dance around-and singing. 

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