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#iAMHCMC Saigon Must Eat: Bánh Xèo from Bình Định Province

“Born and raised in New York City, JK Hobson cut his teeth in the hardcore/metal music scene there, playing a variety of instruments in a variety of bands. He moved to Los Angeles in 2000, playing guitar for the band Crisis who were subsequently signed to a record label, touring the US and abroad in support of their album.

Crisis disbanded in 2005 and JK returned to university, eventually graduating and reviving a Fulbright scholarship, for which he moved to Mỹ Tho, Vietnam for a year in 2016. After his year ended, he decided to stay in Saigon where he has resided ever since, living as a standup comedian/writer/content-creator/voice-over actor. He has written regularly for Saigoneer and City Pass Guide, as well as Tale.City. You can often find him onstage performing standup comedy in Saigon

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