Interview with Toi Windham

I haven’t posted to this page for quite a while. It took me 8 months to find another interview that is suitable to do in Taipei.

On July 7th, I interviewed Toi Windham. We  sat down at a cafe in downtown Taipei. The video shows that we had a pretty delicious spread.

Like me, she has fairly extensive experience traveling around Asia and especially with China. In fact, she has even more experience with China (its people and culture) than I do. This is due to being of Chinese background and the fact that she majored in Chinese.

It quickly became apparent that I was talking to a very dynamic young woman. She comes from a background that stressed education. Consequently, her way of viewing the world comes from a place of deep understanding.

In talking to Toi, you see a woman who is very direct in the conversations she has with people. She, at once, has an introspective quality to how she relates to everyone. Her background has made her a highly adaptable person. In her own words “don’t be afraid to take the plunge.”

What do you think?

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