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Introducing Korea’s First Black, Plus-Sized Model

Domenique’s interview was a breath of fresh air from the current hysteria going around due to the COVID-19 virus, especially here in South Korea. Our interview was weeks overdue, because of closers, restrictions, accidental or intentional spread of the virus from individuals out in the public.

We had to keep rescheduling to try to find the best time and date to meet in person. Unfortunately having a one-on-one interview was not possible. However, I was determined to get her story out.

I used a meeting/conference platform to bring her unique story to light. Domenique is a glowing spirit, a scientist by her own admission and a former athlete who was brought up a military brat. Now she has become a teacher (and Korea’s first Black plus-size model) in South Korea.

Introducing Korea's First Black, Plus-Sized Model 1

Domenique, being a military brat, has been put into some unique positions throughout her life. These experiences have resonance through her soul, work ethic, and goals. She spent the years from birth to a toddler in Tennessee.

Then she started her consistent military-moving lifestyle every one to three years after she hit six years old. BlackAsiaMagazine’s Garret Harper talks to Dominique as she discusses her unique childhood upbringing and the rewards and challenges associated with her experiences.

Fast forward a little, and Domenique in total attended twelve different schools. The average person who switches even one school, at times cannot handle it. Yet Domenique persevered through twelve like a champion. This fostered the travel bug in her, which she fully embraced.

Introducing Korea's First Black, Plus-Sized Model 2

That being said, currently in her life she likes to move every two to three years. Domenique explained to BlackAsiaMagazine that it helps you meet new, interesting people, while you reinvent yourself, and I agree.

While growing up in South Korea, Domenique got to continue experiencing the feel of life Stateside while on base. As soon as she stepped off base, and lived in South Korea, she was hit with the realization of not being in USA territory anymore.

Introducing Korea's First Black, Plus-Sized Model 3

Domenique found it to be a liberating experience and fell in love with the country. Being positioned in East Asia for a total twelve years out of her life, she was able to frequently travel to other East Asian countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka (Missionary trips), China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and a variety of other countries in Europe, The Caribbean, etcetera.

Her time traveling and living in different parts of the world has given her a better global perspective. Growing up in a society where blacks do not pre-dominate, and in foreign countries led to Domenique experiencing reversed racism when she got back to America, attending a Historically Black College (HBCU). This was mainly due to the absence of racism and/or acceptance of who she was on the inside more than outside.

Domenique has broken through the stigma of not being able to do more than teach in South Korea. She is not blind to the facts of racism and stereotypes in Korea either.

Introducing Korea's First Black, Plus-Sized Model 4

In Domenique’s view, you cannot please all people, so stay focused on your goals/ambitions, and connect with like-minded individuals. As long as you are alive you can move jobs, cities, and switch friends. Domenique is a scientist by trade and discusses Covid-19 misconceptions in the video. Also, she talks about how her Aunt gave her a complex because the cleanliness black people have drilled into us from babies.

She also speaks on the “black people cannot get sick from the virus” misconception. *Update since this video was recorded. South Korea has dropped to 10th on the Coronavirus cases global list. America has moved to 3rd highest.

Domenique is currently working on a Grant she has been writing for a service organization she first created in the United States, and now has brought it to South Korea.

For more on this awesome woman’s current and future goals follow us on BlackAsiaMagazine as we stay in touch with Domenique on her journey. I encourage everyone to support this young woman as she, her organization, and Sorority sisters find unique ways to help people in this foreign country.

For more information, I will leave her page link, and contacts below. You can reach Domenique at IG: @ivyndarok, Digital portfolio/Composite Card:

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