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Kids Being Kids: Africa Center HK

Here are some of the activities that children are involved in at the Africa Center in Hong Kong. The Africa Center is a community center for recent migrants, mostly from different parts of Africa. The center is the brain child of Innocent Mutanga. This footage was taken by Ms. Thandie Moyo. They are both from Zimbabwe.

This video is made to showcase the variety of activities that children can take part in, while at this center. These activities range from games, to arts and crafts, to dance classes, to learning about the geography of Africa. Of course, there is always food.

The center itself, the classes it offers and the activities one can partake of, are all meant to serve one specific purpose. Going to the Africa Center facilitates a sense of community for these Africans who are thousands of miles away from home.

In part of this video, we can see African women preparing traditional African dishes, the same as these dishes would be prepared in their respective, home countries. In this moment, it is clear to see that a legacy is being passed down.

These women are teaching the techniques to the generation of women who are directly beneath them. This handing down, ensures that these methods will not be forgotten. On the contrary, they are being preserved in Hong Kong, for future generations.

The center also provides a safe space or a safe haven for these communities in Hong Kong. This city-state, at certain junctures can be a bastion for intense racism. This animosity is often directed at Hong Kong’s African communities.

The Africa Center is a space that is separate from all of that. It is a space that fosters culture and education. It is a place where, especially children are free to be themselves and to express their own ideas.

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