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Le Art du Displacement by Sona Eyambe

It was a strange feeling that suddenly came over me. I sat down to interview a casual acquaintance. It occurred to me at a point that I was talking to the man himself. He is the god father and the head guru of a sport called, in English, Free Running.

Sona Eyambe grew up in Dallas Texas. He is all those things I previously mentioned and more when we are talking about the world of Parkour in Asia.
Sona is a very interesting figure. His background is multi-faceted being that he has family all over the world. He hails from the Akan culture. These facts already gives him a unique take on life. He came to a point, as so many of us do, where he wanted to test himself as a man in this world.

Enduring this test is primarily what lead him to live in Taiwan. He has lived her for over 12 years. Up to now, he speaks Manarin and Taiwanese. As he modestly put it, he is not fluent. He does an excellent job imparting to his students in Chinese.
Sona Ayambe is a teacher of Parkour in Taiwan. We talked at length and he broke down the story of Parkour to me. He told me a fantastic story about the origins of his favorite past time.

The story he related to me is not, at all, the story I researched online. In fact, it is vastly different.
What Sona has done is quite profound. He built his business while developing his skill in Parkour and also, while expanding the world of Parkour in Taiwan.

Speaking the local language has helped him a great deal. He started a school in Taipei called ADD Taiwan, where he teaches adults but the school mainly focuses on kids. Towards the end of our talk, we clicked as two black men from America who understand American life. At the very end, he showed me his clothing line for kids. We had a lot to talk about.

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