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Let’s Make Our Money Work for Us

You can take the girl out of Blue Bell but you could never take Blue Bell out of the girl; lucky for us! Ms. Tere’ Howard was exposed to some very staunch, working-class, Christian values while growing up in Pennsylvania.

These are the values she has transposed to Thailand over the time she has been living in that country. For this reason, Thailand is a little bit better off. Tere’ Howard has lived in Bangkok since 2011 as a Jazz singer and a performer. It comes across in the interview that Ms. Howard is a very positive person.

Tere’ Howard( who also goes by the name Soul Mama) was born in Florida, in a huge, close-knit family. As she tells it, it was almost like a village setting for her early years. She grew up in a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia. Her parents were both Christian Evangelist.

The values they instilled in her have shaped her work and every aspect of her life to this day. Tere’ Howard has lived in Bangkok since 2011 as a Jazz singer and a performer.

Ms. Howard now works closely with the immigration detention center in Bangkok. She makes it her business to go to the detention center to ensure that the detainees have basic necessities. She also does charitable work with Courageous Kitchen in Bangkok.

Her work is brilliant, beautiful and invaluable. We spoke briefly about some of the problems facing black people in Thailand. We spoke about the need to get involved in what is shaping up to be a fight for justice in Thailand. It would behoove us to get involved in the now, so we are not fighting for fight our children later.  Here’s to bringing our people together

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