Life is a Beautiful Photograph

Daniel Imanga’s Life is a Self-Styled Photograph

The story of Daniel Imanga, although quite short, is simply amazing. The most remarkable thing about his life, is that he took a plunge in life that very few people alive are brave enough to take. At the age of 24, Daniel has lived abroad for most of his adult life.

Daniel is a native of Eswatini. His country recently rejected the colonial name Swaziland. He briefly spoke to BlackAsiaMagazine about his background, growing up in his country. To hear him tell it, he grew up rather sheltered. He is the second youngest of 5 brothers and, in his country, he grew up as something of an outsider.

The name Imanga, is a Zambian name and screams out his father’s ethnic and national origins to everyone who hears it. Due to this fact, Daniel’s upbringing in Eswatini was necessarily different from other boys in his country. Daniel was compelled to develop friendships with people who were more like him.

Growing up, most of his friends were other, international people. They shared a common bond in that they mostly came from foreign backgrounds. They had made Eswatini their home. Moreover, Daniel found a comfortable nest in the midst of his other 4 brothers. He obviously comes from a close-knit family full of love and support.

At the age of 18, Daniel took a decision that most people on earth will never take. He moved to a different continent. Knowing no one here and having very little research under his belt regarding this country, Daniel moved to Taiwan. This was 6 years ago.

Daniel’s passion for life and his creativity can be seen in every photograph he takes. He does brilliant work. He injects a freshness and a certain vitality which comes along with his youth. As a photographer, he is completely self-taught. In light of that fact, the work he does is really astounding.

Over the course of his career as a photographer, Daniel tells us that his motivation comes entirely from his friends. He started to photograph the people around him because he enjoyed the reaction he got from them. It gave him a pleasurable sense of satisfaction to he captured their images on film.

The work Daniel Imanga has done can be easily viewed on Instagram and Facebook.

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