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Making Money with COVID-19

How money moves in a pandemic!

This is our second meeting with Kareem Jackson. He lives in the Mololos section of the Philippines. He is the owner of an online magazine. He has been a business owner there for several years now. It has been a great place for him to make money.

In our previous interview, Kareem introduced himself and the kinds of businesses he has been involved in for the past few decades. He explained what it’s like being a black man in the Philippines. He knows who he is and he has a clear vision for the future. He also imparted to me, how much sweeter life can be for African-Americans living abroad.

The spirit of this current time is a spirit of coming together. It is a spirit of regrouping, as well as one of refection and remembrance. We all have a bit more time on our hands. This is the perfect time to bring your family together. It’s perfect to reflect on and remember where we came from. Of course this is being done with respect for social distancing. Thank god for social media!

There are more watch parties happening now. The stock of companies like has appreciated tremendously. Facebook is more popular than ever. These platforms allow us to stay close no matter how far apart we may be. One reason that BlackAsiaMagazine exists is to bring people.

The spirit of bringing our people together is precisely the reason for this interview. This interview introduces Bridgette to the audience and it introduces Kareem to Bridgette. Bridgette’s current industry is Kareem’s former industry; hair and beauty.

Bridgette and her Husband Nando created a barber shop in the Makati section of Manila. They are now in the process of expanding, in spite of the current situation. Their shop is a place for Cameroonians as well as other black expats to come together for fellowship.

Being that both of them are salon owners, they have quite a lot in common. They also had quite a bit to talk about. It actually made me glad to have a platform where these 2 people could meet for the first time. It is my sincerest with that whatever tie was forged between will help them in life and enhance the thing we all need most; money.

The Corona virus is definitely has definitely been a game changer. It has affected nearly every aspect of people’s lives all across the globe. Not least of these areas is the way we make money. Ways of making money that were previously overlooked or more obscured have now been catapulted to the vanguard of money-making schemes.

Online delivery services are blowing up. Online meeting spaces have seen an explosion inn traffic. The people of the world have had to adapt. My question is: if and when COVID-19 recedes into the background, will we continue to use technology to foster human relations? Is this a good thing? Up to now, technology served to keep us farther apart.

We’re living in a time when visionary people succeed faster and farther than those people who are doing the same old things. What’s unique about this interview, is how the content relates to the times and how business has had to adapt.

Kareem and Bridgette talk about their nuanced strategies for staying competitive while the whole world is on lock down. From online booking to delivering a beautician to your home; the beauty industry has been revolutionized by the time that we are in.

Some of these changes have aided business tremendously in being able to grow. Some of the ideas that are in production, will be implemented soon and will permanently change the way we make money.

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