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Meet the Simons

This is the first interview that BAM! has done with 2 subjects at once. Mixing the stories of 2 very dynamic women is not an easy thing. Tirina Nicole Simons and her late husband, took the decision over 12 years ago, to raise their entire family abroad.

Mrs. Simons on the surface is what you would expect from a life-long educator and a doctoral candidate. She is poised, articulate and expresses wisdom in her speech. Under the surface, Mrs. Simons is a vigilant mother bear who proudly and fiercely watches over her cubs. She has 9 children.

Her daughter Shekinah, has spent most of her life living in Thailand. She grew up there and she speaks Thai. At the same time she feels like she’s a part of both American and Thai culture but not completely connected to either.

They now live in Taiwan. They decided to move because of the same stories I’m hearing from many expats living in Thailand. Thailand is great for vacation but foreign residents are being squeezed out. It is becoming increasingly dangerous for expats, especially black expats living there. Their troubles are economic. Many foreigners are opting to just leave.

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