Millenium Envoys: Students Life Abroad

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Millenium Envoys broadens the lives of students of color. It takes them on trips abroad, mainly to China, and gives them experiences that are invaluable to their growth as human beings.

Baltimore has been sister cities with Xiamen, in the Fujian Province of China since 1985. Since then, the two cities have often joined together often – for example, kids from Carver Vocational-Technical High School have what’s called a “sister school agreement” with the Fujian Xiamen Electronic Vocational School since 2010. The agreement includes a student exchange program that first started in 2011. Johns Hopkins Hospital also works closely with the Xiamen Maternity & Child Care Hospital. Still, Evans says, there is still lots of education that can happen between the two cities, and this trip plays a big part in that.

“I’ve prepped them for Chinese. I’ve prepped them for how they react to certain situations. To know that people are going to ask you uncomfortable questions. People are going to ask you because they are curious or just don’t know,” he says. “It may seem ignorant, but at least they are asking you and not being negative towards you so you should take that as a way of teaching them.”

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