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Poet Sherrie Elle Discusses Her Move to Thailand

Thailand, in so many ways, is a world apart from Philadelphia. Many of us can imagine what a city like Philadelphia is like. It is a city. Most Americans can fathom that. When we are asked to think about Thailand, or any Asian city for that matter, many of us will draw a blank.

What ingredients does one need, in their soul, to live and thrive in both environments? The perfect person to ask this question is the subject of our latest interview. Sherrie Elle, has lived and worked in both places. She moved abroad to pursue her dream of being a poet and has not looked back since.

Sherrie Elle was born and raised in Philadelphia, a fact that makes her more than familiar with all the inner workings of her native city. Coming of age in Philadelphia, forged the character of the woman she is today. The experiences she had growing up there, transformed her into a poet and an author.

Up to now, Sherrie has written 2 books. They are entitled Uncover’d, Volumes 1 & 2. They are both available on her website. Sherrie uses spoken word to paint portraits of her self-crafted identity.

In her early 30’s Sherrie undertook a decision that most people could only execute inside of their dreams. This move was not popular with her friends and family but she moved to another country on the other side of the world.

Before that, as Sherrie details in the interview, she had been to Europe once. Moving to Asia, specifically Thailand, would prove much more daunting. It is nearly 9,000 miles from where she was born. Every aspect of this culture is at the opposite end of the spectrum from everything she had known prior.

In Sherrie’s own words, Thailand is a country of smiles and beauty. The people have a disposition that is much friendlier than anything she was used to coming from Philadelphia. Beyond the temperament of the people the quality of food and air and life in general are all far superior to what she had grown accustomed to back home.

Like so many of us, she started out as a teacher. Sherrie went to Thailand to take a 6 month course to become an English teacher. Sherrie was in a unique position because she was not bound by a lot of the things that hinder people in their 30’s. What was supposed to be a 6-month-excursion is coming up on 3 years now.

Hindsight is 20/20! Looking back, making the move to Thailand is a decision Sherrie is immensely proud of. Life is markedly better in this part of the world. She is afforded the time to concentrate on and develop her passion, her writing. Through her work, she encourages more black people to leave their comfort zones and take this cautious plunge into the unknown.

Thailand is a country with 2 souls, or at least 2 faces. If we know anything about Thailand, we know about Bangkok. This city is notorious for various, illicit things happening. Thailand also has a more spiritual, more artistic side. This is what Sherrie discovered in her city, which is called Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is home to numerous festivals as well as a thriving artists’ community that kept calling Sherrie back, every time she went away.

Since moving to Thailand, Sherrie has transitioned out of being a classroom teacher. She now, teaches part-time, online in a virtual setting. Aside from her writing, Sherrie hosts a podcast called Uncover’d Gems. She talks to other poets and influencers. Her platform allows them the chance to showcase their talent.

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