The Black Traveler’s Guide To Daegu South Korea



Over the years, black tourism has grown into a billion-dollar industry. It’s a wonderful feeling to see more black travel content on social media. Unfortunately, our presence is still minimum compared to other demographics.

The Blerd Explorer has returned to create a new travel guide for black people by black people. This guide will now focus on the city of Daegu, South Korea, one of the largest cities in Korea. Daegu is one of the cities that continues to be overshadowed by Seoul and Busan. This city has such a unique charm and identity that it’s a shame no one has made a travel guide for this place until now. This book will provide various locations to visit, tips, and suggestions on where to go. And for the first time, readers will be able to read stories from other black people who have lived in Korea.


Product Description


The Blerd (Black Nerd) Explorer, also known as the 6thRaikage in the Korean Smash Bros scene is an avid traveler. He is motivated to create travel content due to the lack of travel information from the viewpoint of a black person. As a member of the black community, he understands the need to have more travel guides, blogs, and various forms of travel media to show our community that there is an amazing world out there that we can explore. Instead of sitting around saying what could be, he began to share his own travel stories to encourage black people around the world to travel. As he continues to explore the world, he will be sharing his travel experiences along the journey and it is his hope that his content will help to broaden the horizons of people in the black community with regards to travel.


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