The Black Traveler’s Guide To Incheon, South Korea


Black tourism has been on the rise for the last few years. While it is wonderful to see pictures of other Black people having a good time in other countries and submerging themselves into other cultures, there is still a small problem. There is hardly any travel content available from a Black perspective. This travel guide was created to help address that issue.
This black travel guide aims to show potential travelers why Incheon, South Korea should take priority over Seoul or Busan. It was designed and created by an all-Black team for people of color. Inside of this guide you will find travel information written from the viewpoint of an African American male living in Korea, information about places to explore with special attention to places for nerds that enjoy Marvel, Gundam, One Piece, and more. This guide goes into depth about what it is like to be a Black person in Korea as a resident and as a tourist.


Product Description


The Blerd (Black Nerd) Explorer, also known as the 6thRaikage in the Korean Smash Bros scene is an avid traveler. He is motivated to create travel content due to the lack of travel information from the viewpoint of a black person. As a member of the black community, he understands the need to have more travel guides, blogs, and various forms of travel media to show our community that there is an amazing world out there that we can explore. Instead of sitting around saying what could be, he began to share his own travel stories to encourage black people around the world to travel. As he continues to explore the world, he will be sharing his travel experiences along the journey and it is his hope that his content will help to broaden the horizons of people in the black community with regards to travel.


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