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Protect Yourself at All Times

How Can You Protect Your Subconscious Mind?

Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If that is true then, either no one can have power or everyone must have power. It’s the only way we can truly protect ourselves.

I conducted the interview below to shed light on a science which has become increasingly more prevalent, everywhere I look. The subject of my interview was Mr. Michael Beale. He is a practitioner and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

My intention is for the community to be able to protect themselves, in at least some measure from people who use NLP to take advantage of other people. Far too few people are even a little bit familiar with this science. Among those who are, I have seen them typically use these techniques as predators.

NLP is defined as a way of changing someone’s thoughts and behaviors to achieve a desired outcome for them. With that in mind, who sets the desired outcome?

In it’s application, I can attest that NLP is not a pseudo-science, if I am calling it by its right name. It is highly affective in changing people’s thought patterns, emotional states, and behaviors. It can change them toward the negative or the positive.

This happens when a practitioner plants cues in the sub-conscious mind of their target. Usually, the target is unaware that their psyche is being tampered with and exactly how this tampering is taking place. In its more complex forms, NLP can change the target’s personality on the whole.

To know NLP is the same as being a wizard or a native doctor who is highly adept at magic. Also, like in magic, NLP can be used by light workers or to spread darkness. Up to now, the NLP techniques I can name are: Mirroring, Anchoring, Framing and Chaining.

I first became familiar with Neuro-Linguistic Programming nearly 15 years ago in Hong Kong. This science is somewhere around 50 years old. I had a friend who had learned NLP while in the army. He used to use these techniques to go home with strippers. Normally, these women would never have noticed him. Using NLP, he could influence them, psychologically, to sleep with him.

Since then, I have encountered NLP in a variety of arenas. I have detected it in the verbiage of HR managers. Their aim is to compel an interviewee to speak candidly. They have a brief window, in which to determine, whether this person is fit for the job. At the end of these interviews, for ethical purposes, the manager would disclose that they had a background in NLP.

Others I have met have been unethical and without scruples. I have noticed NLP in the speeches of politicians. I have seen bosses use NLP on their workers to make them afraid or more compliant. In its most subtle form, NLP practitioners copy and mirror the mannerisms and gestures of their targets.

Doing this tells the subconscious mind that we are the same and that you should feel comfortable with me. They impress their workers into staying at a job longer than that worker normally would have, essentially enslaving them. Some organizations bind people to ideologies that they never would have thought twice about.

I will end speaking on NLP’s negative side there. In discussing some of NLP’s positives, it is the best tool, I have seen, for the upliftment of the self. This occurs when it is used properly, with care and with the best interest of the target in mind. It allows us to, more directly author our own story. Using these techniques, we can ensure the we participate, most effectively, in our own lives.

We participate by drawing maps. These maps inevitably take us to our own dream of what we name paradise to be. NLP gives us the power to seed our sub-conscious minds with the fruits we want to see grow in our lives. The ultimate goal is to safeguard and to develop our minds so that the seeds we plant are our own.

What do you think?

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