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Rafael Pena: The Brains Behind the Business

Native New Yorkers have a particular strength that is hard to find anywhere else. It is the strength of being able to relate to people and cultures from all over the world.

This quality makes itself apparent in Rafael Pena. Rafael grew up in the melting pot of Latin cultures that is Washington Heights in New York City. He has a deep connection to music stemming from an intersection of time and place.

Rafael’s background impressed upon him a Latin feel, co-mingled with roots in hip-hop set against the vibrancy of the early 1990’s. Rafael is a recent transplant to Thailand.

He brings with him a richness of cultures as well as the hustler’s spirit that can only be found in the city where he grew up.
When he speaks, Rafael sometimes shows a stillness that is almost quiet. Underneath that stillness is a depth of intellect and a wealth of knowledge. He knows the music and entertainment industries all to well.

Level’s Management, Rafael’s company, is a new addition to the music scene in Thailand. They focus on artist development and marketing as well as all other aspects involved in bringing the hottest music to the broadest audience.

Levels Management has, for several years, provided nurturing and guidance for artists who are career-minded in countries around the world. They are now making their services available in Thailand.

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