Business man from DR Congo, currently in China

Mr. Rice Kaijila, currently lives in one of the most controversial places on earth. He is a resident of Wu Han, China. What is life like now in Wu Han and in China in general? Until April 8th, the entire province was under lock down.

A quarantine was imposed that restricted movement for most residents of Wu Han. This was done to prevent or at least slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As Rice details, these measures took a psychological toll on the populace of his city.

Since the ban has been lifted, Wu Han has returned to a sense of semi-normalcy. He also shared something with BAM! which is interesting and also frightening. China has taken this moment to implement a system which tracks the movements of its citizens.

The system, which is attached to your phone, tells whether you have the virus. It also can tell if you have been to an area with a high infection rate. For me this is troubling. Is this a breach of ethics or at least an invasion of privacy?

What do you think?

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