Teachings from the Scholarship Lady

Question: What would you die for? It was once said by a great man that if you haven’t found something worth dying for, you aren’t fit to live. In talking to Marshae Francis, she makes it clear what certain things she is willing to die for and what things she is currently living for. 

Marshae helps kids in China, as an English teacher and as a kind of facilitator. Her other job is a kind of a service. She provides on the ground support for new arrivals in China. This service could include things like buying you a toothbrush when you arrive in China because you may not know where to get one.

It could also include buying a winter coat and having it waiting for you at the airport for people coming from warmer locals who just may not have thought of that. On top of all that Marshae is the facilitator of a scholarship program to China. This is a remarkable program not only because college tuition in China is just a few thousand dollars a year; on top of that, students who go through her program are guaranteed a job after they graduate.

It is obvious that Marshae gets a deep sense of satisfaction from what she does. To see the full interview and to learn more about Marshae’s scholarship program to China, visit Guangzhou Stories

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