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The Blerd Explorer in Incheon

Black Nerd’s Life Hacks for Incheon, South Korea

Traveling is a riveting experience. It has the ability to take us out of our comfort zones and
lead us to endless adventures of discovery. When we encounter a world and a way of life
outside of our own, it can be an enriching and eye-opening experience.

Gaining exposure to different types of people, discovering new places, savoring unknown flavors, and
experiencing different cultural customs can make us reevaluate the way we see the world. Traveling is an immensely powerful tool. It can reshape our identities and give us a new perspective on life itself. So, what does that mean for the Black traveler?

Black tourism is somewhat of an untapped market. Even though there has been a
dramatic increase of Black ex-pats and travelers within the last decade, the concerns and
unique encounters travelers of color may experience are often left undiscussed.

Outside of material from bloggers, vloggers, and personal networks, the information available on
traveling while Black can all too often be limiting. That’s where The Black Traveler’s Guide to Incheon, South Korea, comes into play. 

Designed and created by an all-Black team for people of color, The Black Traveler’s Guide
was written to address the need for information from a Black point of view. The guide
offers travel content of Incheon’s metropolitan city and aims to show potential travelers
why Incheon should be taken as a worthy city to visit.

As readers enjoy a well thought out proposal of how to see the city, fears of what one may experience will be put to ease. The guide goes into depth about what it is like to be a Black person in Korea, from someone who has first-hand experience as a resident and a tourist.

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The manual is easy to read and caters to the interests of many, as it is full of photographs and useful material. Within its pages, one can find informative facts, lists of sights to see, details of various locations to eat, and a plethora of leisurely actives one can partake in.

Special attention is also given to places that anime and comic enthusiasts would enjoy, as
the author is a self-identified “blerd (Black nerd) explorer.” All-in-all, The Black Traveler’s Guide to Incheon, South Korea, is a wonderfully designed blueprint to begin enjoying the city and all it has to offer.

The ebook is available on Amazon, Goodreads, Apple Books, Google Play, as well as a host of other resale websites. Follow the author’s journey through South Korea and beyond by following his
blerd travel stories through his webpage at  and on Instagram

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This interview was conducted by Roya Cartledge for BlackAsiaMagazine.

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