The Kids Know How to Run but They Don’t Know How to Hide: A Message from Boni Fredy

To the audience, I would like to pose a question: what is the measure of true bravery in a man?

If someone who has yet to finish university, moves to another country, on a totally different continent, to embark on music career, where he is a one man show, does that count?

Fredy Boni is essentially a one man show when he performs as a rapper at venues throughout Taiwan. He writes his own rhymes, produces his own videos and markets his own original creations.

Mr. Boni Federik Francoise was born in Ivory Coast, educated in Ghana and now lives as a student and an up and coming rapper in the city of Zhi Xue in Taiwan.  Fredy is a gentle soul.

This is made obvious when you first meet him. You automatically feel comfortable in his presence. You can sense that he is well educated and he has a worldly perspective which makes him highly relatable.

We took a stroll around his campus, which gave this interview a unique look and feel. We spoke, at great length, about the differences between African and Asian cultures.

The most striking difference is in social structure. Socializing in Asia is not as organic or spontaneous as it would occur in Africa. As a new comer, especially at the beginning, Fredy shared with me the sense of loneliness he had to grapple with.

This came from being homesick as well as the fact that social life in Asia isn’t nearly as rich or as developed as it would be in Africa. The social structure in Asia and Taiwan is lacking in a way that hurts the young. We agreed that this is what accounts for a lot of the anxiety and mental anguish that Asian societies endure, especially among students. Please enjoy!

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