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They Don’t Think about the Bad Stereotypes

Kevante Grimes is a young man who has a lot of heart. It’s not just everyone who will uproot and move to the other side of the world. When I say the other side of the world, I’m referring to his move from America to mainland China.

He is a native of Detroit Michigan. It is remarkable that KG moved to China at the age of 23. Aside from that, he speaks Mandarin, he DJ’s at several different clubs, he coaches basketball and he teaches English, all where he currently resides. KG on the Beat is his name when he DJ’s in Taipei.

In talking to KG, I noticed a few things that make his personality unique among other young travelers I’ve met. In his travels, he always takes the time to learn the local language and culture in each new place. He strikes anyone as a particular honest person.

He has a very subtle but very direct way of getting his point across. He knows exactly who he is and it’s not possible to deter him from his course. KG holds a determination in him which is rare to see in someone in their twenties.

Toward the end of our interview, KG encourages young, black travelers to branch out of their comfort zones, just as he did. We need to expand our scopes geographically as well as economically. He couldn’t be more correct!

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