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Aftermath Bar Makes Magic in HK

Alicia owns a bar in Hong Kong called The Aftermath. In her own words, she has a passion for the arts and culture. This is something she studies extensively at university. It is a perspective that she has been gracious enough to express to the world.

The truth is, Alicia has a passion for introducing people to life, in all its various forms. She has found an amazing way of connecting people to life by using live music, art exhibitions and refreshment. These make for an awesome combination.

So where did the name for this place come from and what is its significance? Alicia tells BAM! that she flipped through a number of different ideas in her mind. She settled on The Aftermath because of its connection to nightlife in general.

We’ve all had that morning after moment. We go out, for a night on the town, then we wake up the next day. If we’re hungover or not, however hazy the events of the previous evening may be; we replay the events of the night before in our mind.

We recollect the emotions we met with at that time. We assess how we feel in retrospect. Sometimes the experience of the previous night was pure magic. Sometimes, it leaves something to be desired.

This moment, as envisioned by Alicia, is called the aftermath. Patrons to her establishment will invariably meditate on the experience they had there, the morning after. Her endeavor has been, to cast a sense of joy or wonderment into that those after thoughts. Logically, if people associate her bar with feeling content , they’ll come back.

The Aftermath holds a wide range of events. Their biggest draw and most common event is live music. Aside from that, they are a bar in a very sophisticated sense. They offer a broad array of drinks from all over the world that would surely accommodate any consumer’s palate. In keeping with the love of art which has been central to their mission, they recently had a tattoo exhibition.

Alicia, feels lucky to be a business owner in Hong Kong and in Asia in general. In Asia, and specifically locations like Hong Kong, the COVID-19 pandemic was taken more seriously from the beginning. Countries that were not as prepared, are facing the negative ramifications, as I’m writing this.

Facts like this allowed HK society and business owners to bounce back more quickly from the economic shock that COVID created.All of the businesses in Hong Kong were not as lucky as the Aftermath. Alicia expresses her gratitude to the community for their support in helping the Aftermath survive.

Being the majority owner of a venue in Hong Kong has come with its fair share of challenges, especially being a black woman. Her experiences have ranged from people shying away from her, to people thinking that she is somehow magic, because she is black. It is obvious to see that Alicia has sailed through these challenges gracefully and successfully, to arrive at the place where she is now.

Over the course of the interview, Alicia kindly gives us a tour of the space. It is brilliantly laid out with ample room for everything one could possibly think of. Clearly, they have a fully stocked bar.

Aftermath is also a great place to just hang out. It has a space for playing board games. They even have pub quizzes. The design of the lounge and the activities you can do are meant to be pure fun for all involved.

If you live in Hong Kong or you are just a visitor, The Aftermath is the best place to experience the magic we talked about above. Also, Hong Kong can feel a little bit cold because there is discrimination as Alicia also mentioned. What better place to come in from that cold than a bar owned and operated by a black woman.

This interview was brilliantly executed by Ms. Thandiewe Moyo.

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